"Discover how the yoga revolution began..."


You haven’t experienced Cuba until you’ve discovered Havana City…

Let our guide show you how Havana vibrates with laughter, music and a live for the moment attitude.  Its people are the true charm, always smiling, dancing and with a great zest for life.  Let them remind you what joyous simplicity is all about.

A wild mixture of old and new, where centuries merge and cultures and ideologies mingle

  • Take a step back in time, into Old Havana, the heart and soul of the city. Admire the vintage American cars passing by, the historical Spanish architecture, as you wind down cobble stone streets, each turn leading you to a new gem.
  • Stroll along the old sea wall, known as the malecon, curving itself around the city.  Join the multitude of habaneros sitting along this esplanade, admiring the waves crashing in.
  • Immerse yourself in a city where art is bursting at the seams, the rhythms of salsa flow through the streets and the laughter and lively energy of the Cuban people is contagious.