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Organic Food

Did you know Cuba is one of the world’s leaders in organic agriculture?

Most people who have visited a resort in Cuba haven’t had the opportunity to taste real Cuban food and its delicious organic produce.

Because of the import complications Cuba’s faced, they had hardly any access to fertilizer and pesticides.  This misfortune actually let them to be creative, and start growing their own food.  Cuba was literally an island, cut off from the world and yet, it successfully managed to sustain itself.

To supply themselves with food, the Cubans started small urban organic vegetable gardens (huertos).  Eventually bigger spaces were created, called organoponicos, and the delicious agriculture farmed here would be more than enough to supply the bigger population.

Now there are over 35 000 urban organic gardens in Cuba and they supply the population with over 90% of its vegetables and fruits.

Imagine waking up and having an organic pineapple, guava smoothie, and knowing those fruits were picked that very morning and did not travel on planes, boats and trains getting to you?

We could all learn from the Cuban agricultural system.  What started out as a problem has brought them to one of the top spots in organic farming strategies.

Come and enjoy delicious black beans, sweet plantains and gigantic avocados.

We invite you, to come and nourish yourself.

In 2006 Cuba was named the ONLY nation to achieve a sustainable planet friendly economy from the World Wildlife Fund. It also won the Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award) for sustainable agricultural practices of the Swedish Parliament in 1999.

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