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Eduardo helped me learn so much about my body, how to perfect my poses, my breath. Natalie is so inspiring, has a way of making each person feel beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better week, it was relaxing, educational, fun, the schedule was perfect and the food was delicious.
Yasmine, ON

I had a wonderful experience! The schedule was excellent, there was a great combination of yoga, activities, workshops, excursions and plenty of free time to relax on the beach. My favourite moment was Eduardo’s class with his Cuban students. It was such a wonderful bonding experience to practice with Cubans and to see how yoga can bring two distinct cultures together despite any language barriers. The food was amazing, I love chef Ernesto, I want to take him home ☺.
Eduardo is full of spirit, he has immense amounts of wisdom to share about yoga philosophy and life. Natalie’s positive and loving nature reached us all. I wouldn’t change a thing (maybe throw in a brief Spanish lesson ☺)
Of course I’ll come back, hopefully sooner than later.

This was life changing, better than I could have expected or imagined. I loved the location, every time I walked out of the door I felt I was in paradise. The food, QUE RICO, every meal got better and better.
Michelle, ON

The Mhai Yoga retreat was incredible. I got so much more out of this experience than I ever could have imagined. Everyday was a new experience and adventure. I loved everyone involved. Eduardo is so informative and knowledgeable about all things and yoga, I felt that I could trust him completely. Natalie’s classes were always a fun surprise, she brought something exciting to every class. The location was amazing, felt so safe and everything was close by. The food was AMAZING, so good!! I WILL return.

My time with you was wonderful and magical, a first class experience. My favorite moment was sunrise meditation and everything that followed. Natalie is an excellent teacher, her classes were a variety of physical and spiritual, so much fun. Eduardo is very humble and inspirational, he taught us very helpful techniques for yoga and life. The chef’s food was exceptional!!!! You made everyone feel special, you listened to us and followed up with everything.
Wilma, ON

The week was very much what I needed, it was very rejuvenating week with a collection of very special people.Sun, sand, the ocean, fantastic food, yoga and great people sharing wonderful experiences, does it get any better?
The time with Eduardo was a special gift. His knowledge on yoga, his country and life is enlightening. His sense of humour and playfulness is genuine and infectious. He is a true leader.
Natalie’s eyes of concern and compassion and genuine desire of everyone to find happiness and enjoyment was always at the forefront of everything she does. Her beautiful smile and willingness to laugh at an instant made us feel very welcome. The food was excellent, far exceeded expectations. Cannot think of any way you could make this experience any better for a group.

Brian, ON

Love is in the details. This is how I would summarize my experience with Mhai Yoga. It was through the attention to detail that Christine, Natalie and Alejandro set that solidified my love for the experience. It was a week infused with pure energy, wonderfully delicious food, great music, new learning, and sharing. Mhai Yoga was able to connect the fundamental elements of Yoga with that of a simple, untainted and honest life that I have personally experienced in Cuba for years. The ability to learn directly from Cuba’s Yoga Master, Dr. Pimentel, was invaluable. The experience was a rare opportunity to thoroughly enjoy all the physical senses and connect them to an individual spiritual awareness.
Aline, ON

This was more than expected, every moment was special. It was a week for myself, the best gift that I could receive. Natalie is a very beautiful instructor who brings peace and love in every class. I loved the joy of life that she has. I experienced the most powerful yoga classes that I ever had with Natalie. Eduardo is a very special instructor who describes very well the sensations and the positions, I have learned a lot about my body. The excursions were wonderful, the location was beautiful, loved hearing the birds in the morning. The food was great, I have never eaten so good, taste so good and great for my body.
Marion, ON

This retreat was well beyond my expectations. By far the best retreat/trip I have been to. All the excursions and workshops were AMAZING. The schedule was perfect for me. The food was DELICIOUS, best food EVER. Cuba is so beautiful and vibrant, can’t wait to return. The teachers were insightful, refreshing and fun!! Natalie and Christine you did a PHENOMENAL job at running this retreat, there was so much thought, love and kindness put into everything and it was really appreciated, thank you.

Most enjoyable retreat I have ever participated in. Food was so tasty, yoga an excursions very enjoyable, mediation was very good. Every single day was great, the last day’s activities stood out the most. Natalie was very very good for us. She worked with our energy level and made the class enjoyable. Eduardo is fantastic, very informative and I learned a lot from him. I loved the location, feels safe and private, and what a fantastic beach.
Gita, ON

Food was excellent, beat expectations. Natalie had fun diversified classes, very interesting and enjoyable. Eduardo taught me a lot about my body and the importance of alignment, great round of applause to both.
Being in Cuba for the first time, I got a great tour of old and new Havana, really enjoyed it. I had such a special week, I’m so happy I came, and can’t wait to go back.

Carole, ON

A great experience, the food was unbelievable, the yoga was superb and the whole week was an amazing experience, every day was different, with a very relaxing atmosphere. The excursions were so interesting and cultural, I learned a lot. I am new to yoga and I never imagined how much I would enjoy this week doing yoga in Cuba.
Michael, ON

The location was perfect, quiet and yet very close to Havana. The food was amazing, changed my opinion on food in Cuba and I loved both instructors. Natalie and Eduardo really listened to us and I felt like they were there every step of the way teaching and sharing with us. They both had different styles and I very much enjoyed the variety. Some classes were fun, and others were emotional, I enjoyed all. I feel so relaxed after this vacation; It was overall wonderful and unforgettable.
Nada, ON

Food was amazing! The villas and the pool were great. This was my first time and it truly exceeded all my expectations, from the yoga, to the food, to the teachers, everything was amazing. All the activities were so great and fun and the partner yoga was my favorite. I will definitely go back to your next retreat.
Danielle, ON

The chef is amazing, the location was wonderful and the yoga classes were great with a great variety and diversity, the theme was awesome. I loved the beach mediation.
The experience of Cuba could only be had because of Mhai Yoga, no other retreat could offer this. I will hold this in my heart forever. I am honoured to know Christine and Natalie and so glad I made the decision to come, Gracias!!

Janice, BC

From now on i spell ‘my’ as “Mhai”, this trip was memorable and has changed Mhai life. food was perfect, from the stuffed tomatoes to the grilled plantains, everything was delicious.
The yoga with Nat and Eduardo was AMAZING! I loved the yoga in the fortress and the yoga with live music. I learned so much thank you. The Buddha activity was powerful and memorable. My overall impression was that it was amazing, I am so proud to be a part of it, I will recommend it to any/everyone. So many extra touches that were noted and appreciated.

Daniel, ON

This was really amazing, your clarity and purpose shines. I truly appreciated the love and commitment of the Mhai Yoga team for creating this experience and sharing your love. Eduardo is compassionate, caring, educational, inspiring and I love his teaching. Natalie is connected, flexible, spontaneous and very creative. I loved her ability to read and respond to the group. The food was SWEET. You far exceeded all expectations.
Sharon, NS