///Connect in Cuba with Angie and Tori
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This retreat is open to ALL people and all experience levels.  Whether you are a seasoned retreat goer or this will be your first overseas adventure, you’re in good hands with enough structure to feel secure and plenty of free time to fulfill your wanderlust.  

Your retreat guides, Tori + Angie, hail from the Windy City (Chicago, IL, USA) and are thrilled to offer this cultural experience to yogis from around the world and, for the first time in a very long time, American yogis too!

If you have the thirst to connect more deeply with the Cuban culture, with likeminded people from around the world and to yourself, this retreat is for you.


Our itinerary has been carefully constructed and we are traveling under a licensed OFAC group making this trip fully legally and sound under the recent administrations travel guideline changes for Cuba.  

This retreat is made legal and compliant for American travellers, it is made possible in-part, by our beautiful partnership with CUBA CANDELA. They are passionate travel aficionados with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge on all things Cuba. Visit www.cubacandela.com for more.

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