Cuba may be synonymous with rum, salsa, and cigars, but this beautiful island has so much more to offer! Find out why Cuba is an amazing wellness destination below:

Organic Food

The most common thing said of Cuba is that the food is bad and we are more than happy to prove otherwise. Cuba is one of the world’s biggest cultivators of organic produce and this is attributed to the lack of access to fertilisers and pesticides. There are over 35,000 urban gardens throughout Cuba that supply over 90% of its produce. From fresh ceviche to vegetarian cuisine, Cuban food is flavorful and nutritious.


From the white sand beaches to the lush Viñales Valley, Cuba has tons of beautiful spots to soothe your soul. Experience the “Jurassic Park” feel of the Valley as you go horseback riding through the countryside or relax by the ocean and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves.


Cuba is a fitness lover’s paradise. Jog along the Malecón by the ocean in Havana early in the morning. Hit up a boxing class at the world famous Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym. Spend time in the water and go kite surfing or stand-up paddle boarding with Cuba Kite Village just 15 minutes outside of Havana in Tarará, close to Mhai Yoga Centre. With so many options, you won’t have to miss your workouts while on vacation. Don’t forget to end your evening by taking a salsa class.


Cuba has a thriving yoga community thanks to the co-founder of Mhai Yoga Centre, Eduardo Pimentel. Yoga was not exported to Cuba, it was born out of one person’s passion for the practice. Nearly 40 years later, Cuba is due to be recognized as place of community, practice, and connectivity for yogis from all over the world.

He owns a yoga studio in Havana, Vidya Yoga, where he holds weekly classes that are frequented by locals and visitors. Eduardo has come an incredibly long way: self-learning the practice through a single book, and with no yoga community on the island, he has created a movement and carried it through churches, parks, theatres, and open spaces. Eduardo spent nearly 15 years in correspondence with B.K.S. Iyengar before finally meeting in India. Since then, he has led successful yoga festivals in Havana, and has facilitated the visits to Havana for yogis such as Krishna Kaur and Deepak Chopra.

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