If you’ve ever been to Cuba, chances are you’ve enjoyed a delicious Cafe con Leche, Cappuccino or Cafe solo.
“Quieres un cafe?” This is the first thing you’ll hear when entering a Cuban’s person home without a fault. Cuba has a very strong coffee culture which dates back hundreds of years to when the French and Spanish settlers introduced it, and although today coffee is consumed throughout the day, Cubans have a certain ways of preparing and consuming it. Compared to modern coffee culture, coffee in Cuba is rarely prepared to go, and you will almost never see take away cups. For Cubans, enjoying coffee is a very social part of the day, and is to be enjoyed with friends and family.
Today, there are some beautiful coffee houses around Havana, and after having tried all of them, we’ve made our list of the ones you have to check out while you’re here. Let’s take a look.

El Cafe

El Cafe

El Cafe is a beautiful, high ceiling space in Old Havana which is at the bottom of a residential building. This sunlit space is a mix of old and new, with a minimalist deign of whitewashed walls, beautiful wooden tables and beautiful Cuban art to be enjoyed. If you’re looking to get your Latte and Avocado Toast fix, this is the place for you. Here you’ll find a mix of locals, tourists and everyone in between. This is the closest thing you’ll find to the modern “Third Wave” type of cafes in Cuba.

For more information check out the El Cafe facebook page.

El Dandy

El Dandy
El Dandy is an upbeat, hip cafe exploding with beautiful Cuban art on the walls. Located in front of Plaza del Cristo, El Dandy draws you in with its charm. If you’re looking for a rich espresso that packs a punch, this is the place for you. They also make delicious daiquiris and a variety of tasty snacks, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll find a spot near the window to enjoy views of Plaza Del Cristo in Old Havana.

For more information check out the El Dandy facebook page.


Cafe Art Belview is a beautiful, unique coffee space situated in the heart of the Vedado neighbourhood of Havana. Bursting with colour and art, this cafe is a great place to enjoy a cafe on leche and take in some Cuban photography. There is also a piano where customers are free to play. Seating is available outside in their beautiful garden.

For more information check out the Belview facebook page.


Cafe Enlace

Cafe Enlace
Cafe Enlace is a relatively new, modern coffee/gelato shop located in Miramar. A great place to enjoy a coffee and delicious gelato with friends and family, as well as a variety of amazing pastries. Be sure to check this one out.

For more information check out the Cafe Enlace facebook page.


Cafe Mamaine

If you’re looking for a cold coffee, this is the place for you as Cafe Mamaine prepares the best cafe frappe (Frappuccino) there is in Havana. A beautiful space filled with rustic furniture and a beautiful display of Cuban art, this cafe is definitely worth checking out if you’re near La Havana Libre or Hotel Nacional.

For more information check out the Mamaine facebook page.

Something to keep in mind: A lack of resources and infrastructure means sometimes coffee in Cuba isn’t readily available, which is why it’s important to truly savour every single cup. At times roads can be closed, machinery might need maintenance or just a general shortage.
Couple of Pro Tips for you:
  1. If you don’t like sugar in your coffee, make sure to say so beforehand as Cuban coffee usually always comes with sugar!

  2. Some of the best coffee is the 1 cent coffee (yes you read it right, 1 cent coffee). If you see a little stand, with a small wooden sign, and it says coffee 1 peso, they are talking about coffee sold in the local currency, and it’s some of the best coffee you’ve ever had.