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Robert Struman

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Struman, who, as many of you might know, is a renown photographer. To my pleasant surprise, he also shares a passion and curiosity for Cuba.

Last spring, my colleague Eduardo and I, received an email from Robert introducing himself and informing us that he is planning on coming to Cuba to do a project on yoga in Cuba. We immediately let him know that we of course know who he is, admire his work and would be honored to assist him in any way we can.

As time started approaching for his visit I asked him what he was looking for. “Models”, I asked? He told me “I am interested in the local Cuban yogis, this is a journey about Cuba, not so much the tourist” 

He was talking our language. Here was someone who has so much talent, so much recognition, and he was genuinely interested in our humble Cuban yoga community. He could have spun this in so many ways, but his genuine interest was in the Cuban people.

Eduardo, Maykel and I went to go meet him a few weeks ago in Havana, and we were thinking he would be staying at a grand hotel (the National or something of the likes). To our surprise Robert was staying right in the heart of Havana in a casa particular. He brought with him Rina Jakubowicz, who is of Cuban descent. She shared with us the strong and powerful story of her grandfather’s struggles leaving Cuba. And yet, despite his struggles, she was still open and curious to visit Havana. 

Eduardo and I were instantly drawn and open to Robert & Rina’s humbleness, sincerity, and spirit.

Robert it turns out has fallen for Cuba like many of us and it was definitely not his first time in Havana, he walked the streets with such ease and pleasure. 

We spent the afternoon taking pictures in different areas of Old and Centro Havana, Eduardo, Maykel and Rina laughing and talking as if old friends, and Roberto (as Eduardo called him), stopping whenever his brilliant eye caught something.

Robert is not only a photographer, he is a messenger, he sees things as they are, portrays them in a way that only our heart can understand them, and he lives yoga in every way imaginable. 

It was an honor for us to spend time with these amazing people who’s hearts were so open to the Cuban yoga community and we are forever grateful for these beautiful pictures.

Thank you Roberto, Gracias, aqui siempre tienes una casa con nosotros 

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