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Designed to inspire personal growth through the study of Yoga…  The program is built to create beginning teachers who lead classes which inspire, and to heal & deepen one’spersonal connection with yoga asana and philosophy.  A one month immersion allows complete focus.  Working with a local studio prevents the “chop shop” training mentality of crash courses – something we mindfully work to prevent.

Why is our training unique? We focus on enabling strong teachers right out of training so that your skills can be put to use whether by working in the community, advocating for yoga in corporate environments, teaching in a studio setting or simply improving your personal practice and connection to yoga.  If you are not interested in teaching, we view this as personal development.  Our goal is to cultivate YOUR voice.  Your voice as a teacher and a human being.  

Our unique training is directed by Annelise Lonidier, owner of {sacred} thread’s three Atlanta studios and assisted by {sacred} thread teachers .  This year’s 200HR immersion gives a foundation in anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, subtle body anatomy, mantra, meditation, trauma-sensitivity, hands on adjustments, yin yoga and a strong vinyasa structure, which will earn you a 200HR Yoga Alliance Certified RYT.

Beyond the 160 hours spent in classroom setting in Cuba, there are personal responsibilities involved in the immersion course that include a 40-day mantra and personal daily practice (sadhana). This should occur simultaneous to our training and will start when we hit the ground in Havana.  Additionally each trainee will be responsible for assisting in 4 classes with Annelise or another agreed faculty member prior to graduation.  This additional mentorship ensures you are supported once back in Atlanta and can be completed via teleconference for long-distance students.  Our goal is to ensure your success and integration into your community.

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