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Getting to Cuba feels like traveling back in time. It’s exotic, colorful, beautiful and a little chaotic. The people are rause and proud, the streets are full of amazing cars of all colors from the 1950s. We set up a trip containing yoga, salsa, mindfulness, beach, sightseeing and relaxation. There will be a nice balance between activity and rest, and it will be sufficient with the time you can allocate as you wish.

Every day the yoga classes are held in an outdoor chala. The classes are held by Eduardo Pimentel & Cuban instructor and Monica Tefke from Norway. Salsa education and sightseeing in Havana are also included in the price.

Monica has her basic education in Ashtanga yoga, furthermore she is an educated medical yoga instructor and has good practice in Hatha yoga. In the spring of 2017, she will continue her yoga career by immersing itself in therapeutic yoga.  Her practice holds moments of Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa flow means, in short, that the breath is synchronized with movement and that there is flow between and in the moments. The breath works like an anchor in every single movement. Vinyasa flow can be described as a connection between motion and breath. Your flexibility, strength and balance are being challenged by moving easily from one exercise to another.  The practice is playful, energetic and heartwarming. Monica is keen to allow anyone to create what yoga and presence are for themselves. In addition, she emphasizes the function that lies in each exercise. It is said that Monica has a special presence in the classroom.

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