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A week long retreat with Susan is all about connection and expansion.  You will be challenged to invite all of yourself to be present for deeper self-acceptance.  This in turn allows you to authentically connect with the honest presence of those around you for a greater sense of community and compassion.  You will become more alive through asana, meditation, self-inquiry, adventurous cultural experiences, and by simply being authentically present with others, from a place of wholeness within yourself. Guest teachers Janan Araujo-Siam and Eduardo Pimentel will also create your trip into an unforgettable yoga and adventure experience.

In Susan’s words:

I have practiced and taught so many different styles over the years: Ashtanga, Bikram, Baptiste, restorative, yin, power vinyasa, Viniyoga, Bhakti yoga, Anusara, to name a few.  I have taught not only many styles, but have learned how to adapt my classes to best serve the student(s).  Some of my private students have very special needs- and I am always amazed at how yoga can meet them wherever they are.  Be it partial paralysis or Parkinson’s, yoga helps in a palpable and potent way.

Currently, I teach all different levels of yogis, in all different settings: large group, semi-private, and private, and typically with a flow style simply because I love the way flowing from one pose into another creates such a graceful rhythmic quality that even becomes meditative.  Teaching proper breathing and alignment is important to me.  My pace is not too fast; I like to give students a moment to land in a pose, feel the safe and solid alignment of it, and be present with their breathing before transitioning into the next posture.

To me, those things are essential to a rewarding, strengthening, and liberating practice that not only brings benefits to a person’s body, but washes clean their mind and opens up the windows of their spirit.

I am in no hurry to get people balancing on their hands or standing on their heads.  Those advancements become available when the time is right, and when they are needed, not out of forcing.  There is no rush.  I prefer to build in an intelligent, purposeful way, creating strength and freedom from the inside out.  That’s not to say that my classes are not challenging.  They most definitely are.  But just in a more smoldering, deep way, not in a ‘hey look at me!’ way.

I love bringing people together, providing a space and time where people can actually connect, have a meaningful exchange, and feel a fullness in their heart as a result.  And what other better place to come together than in Cuba?  It’s hard to define, but there is just something especially enchanting about this country.  The people are genuinely welcoming, the music is incredible, the scenery beautiful, and the dancing is out of this world!

So, please come to Cuba with us!  You may know no one when you arrive, but you will have new friends in no time, and that in itself is a treasure.  Let me help you connect with your own inner self through yoga and meditation, so that you can connect with the world around you in a deeper, more meaningful way, and live the fullness of life that awaits you.

Susan is a life-long yogi, an avid meditator, a mother and a wife, and a natural teacher and leader.  Her intention is to help others to grow, thrive, and reconnect to their inner self through the practice of yoga, meditation, and deepened self-awareness.
Susan enjoys connecting with others, making her students feel at ease and supported, and cultivating a sense of community within her classes.  Laughter and playfulness is always welcome!

Our itinerary has been carefully constructed and we are traveling under a licensed OFAC group making this trip fully legally and sound under the recent administrations travel guideline changes for Cuba.

This retreat is made legal and compliant for American travellers, it is made possible in-part, by our beautiful partnership with CUBA CANDELA. They are passionate travel aficionados with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge on all things Cuba. Visit www.cubacandela.com for more.

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