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Imagine waking up to the warm sea breeze and sweet scent of jasmine. You hear the faint sound of laughter and salsa…

yes, You are in the magic of Cuba.

From Cuban coffee to Cuban rum – there is something for everyone on this soulful island. Each morning we start our day with the Power of Yoga, a practice meant to heal & strengthen the body while moving thru the koshas to the place of deep-seated wisdom and awareness. Not sure the koshas are? That’s reason enough to grab your spot for this life-changing week.

White sand beaches, salsa lessons, art strolls, and live music await you in a country where you’re sure to find family. Cubans are by-far some of the most social, open and loving people we’ve met.

Each evening ends with a practice that will help you unwind – whether you plan a night out or look most forward to star-gazing before a restful night’s sleep.

While in Cuba we will explore Habana Vieja (old Havana), the Vinales valley (for alittle horseback riding) and one of the funkiest neighborhoods Cuba has to offer.

Perhaps the biggest treat during our stay in Cuba is the team of chefs who prepare our meals (a pescatarian/vegetarian diet), salsa with us after dinner and genuiningly infuse every waking moment of our week with the spirit of Cubans. the chefs in our kitchen also happen to work at some of the hottest (and highest rated) restaraunts in Habana…meaning, you get creative, soulful and fresh food all week long without having to brave long lines or marked-up prices. many of the recipes we experience during the week have been passed down generation-to-generation…remember the internet is new and still sparsely used in Cuba – there is no “googling” recipes here. Just good ol’fashion family tradition and word of mouth.

If you have a dietary restriction, rest assured your meals will be made to your needs – with LOVE.

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