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For 8 incredible days, step away from your tech-filled, fast-paced, outwardly oriented life to embrace the inner dynamics of feminine force on the picturesque island of Cuba.

We’ll form a cypher (circle) of souls, using creative processes, journaling, discourse, silence and sacred ritual as some of our touchstones. We will draw inspiration from the female saints and orishas representing the two main spiritual traditions of Cuba.

We’ll stir in yoga, hand crafts, visual arts and the movement and music for which the culture is known. We’ll also tour some of the island, sip a cocktail or two, and indulge in a little shopping.

All of this will produce a satisfying ajiaco (Cuban stew) of introspection and self-expression, fun and rejuvenation.

Nourish yourself in blue ocean waters, warm tropical sun, delicious farm fresh organic foods, stimulating days and restful nights in a container of safety, exploration and wonder.

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